Stir crazy

August 28, 2013

Don't you just love opening a new can of paint, stirring it around, and then applying it to the wall to drastically change the look of a room? Yeah, except for when you've bought 6 sample paint colors and STILL can't find the right color for your wall. It's driving me a bit crazy; and I don't think my husband is enjoying my indecisiveness either. Actually text conversation:

Me: I got another paint sample today and I don't like that one either *cries*

Clarence: Gosh!!!

I can't seem to find the right color that is a grayish-tan without a blue undertone and not too dark. Here are the ones I've tried so far...(and excuse the poor-quality iPhone picture)

I started with the 3 colors on the left. Woah, way too blue. Then I tried the two on the far right. The far right seemed to be too "matchy" to the couch and the one beside seemed to be a tad darker than I'd like. Then today I went and bought the one in the middle....and it seems too blue too!! Grrr. It's hard to judge based off a color swatch, but the one I bought today did not look blue at all on the paint chip!

Maybe the current yellow is also throwing me off.  Should I just bite the bullet and pick one and trust it turns out well when it's all over the walls? Cause let's be honest, whatever I choose is going to be it. I can't buy 2 gallons, get my husband to paint, and then tell him I don't like it and we have to paint again. He'd be fine to keep it just the way it is...paint tests and all. If you can't tell, he has great designer sense...this is the same man who suggested we do a sponge paint technique in our apartment in Singapore. (I love you, Clarence!)

Any suggestions? Am I the only one who struggles to pick out paint?

Baby Wong is on the way!

August 26, 2013

Considering I haven't blogged since June, this post is WAY overdue! We recently made a big announcement on Facebook....

It was no secret that I was excited for when the time would come to have a baby that is part me and part my handsome Asian hubby! We moved back from Singapore in May and shortly after we returned, my last pack of birth control ran out. We went back and forth on whether we should go to the doctor now though we didn't have insurance, or take our chances and trust God to bless us with a baby in His timing. Well, obviously we chose option B. We thought it would take a few months to get pregnant since I'm already in my 30's, but we were surprised to find out it didn't! Of course Clarence contributes this to his "sniper" ability. Men.

Right as we found out we were pregnant, we also found out my brother and his wife were pregnant with their first too! To make it more exciting, we went to the doctor around the same time and found out our due dates are.....BOTH February 17th! What are the chances?

So that makes me about 15 weeks right now. I'm already starting to show, but have not felt the baby move yet. It's a bit surreal, but we are both so excited! We just moved into a new apartment and are looking forward to decorating the baby's room as I get further along. And you can be sure I'll post pictures of all that!

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