Alternative to Pottery Barn Wingback Convertible Rocker

November 11, 2013

Who knew the search for a rocker/glider for the nursery would be such a pain? I cannot believe the price of chairs out there! I thought it would be relatively easy to find a chair that I liked at a reasonable price.

Mothers around the world scoff at my naive and optimistic outlook.

There was one chair that I absolutely fell in love with during my search. The Pottery Barn Wingback Convertible Rocker. Take a look at this beauty...


At over $800 I tried to justify purchasing it but just. couldn't. do. it.

So the search continued. There were a few I thought might work, but nothing seemed to be right. I just wanted something that was nice to look at, comfortable, and wouldn't break the bank. Well, I think I might have found a good alternative, and from Walmart of all places. Now, granted, I haven't received the chair yet and things from there are always a crap-shoot, but I'm willing to take my chances for this:

Despite the hideous metal glider base sticking from the bottom, it definitely has great possibilities! And pretty similar to the chair that I love. We are even considering waiting until it arrives and seeing if it's possible to add rockers to it instead of using the glider base. If not, we can always stick an ottoman in front of the chair to help cover that unfortunate eyesore. The price?


That's pretty much the cheapest chair I've found anywhere while still maintaining a decent look. Not to mention a savings of about $600 over the Pottery Barn option. Here is link for anyone else who has been looking for a nice chair, but doesn't want to go into debt to get it. I'll be sure to pass along my review once it arrives and we test it out. One final side-by-side comparison:

UPDATE: Since this is the most viewed post on my site, I figure that there are quite a few people who also love the Pottery Barn version, but are searching for something less expensive. Now that we've been using the chair for awhile, I'm happy to report that we really like it! The back could be a little bit higher to make it easier to rest your head back while rocking/feeding a little one, but that's really the only negative. It looks nice, rocks great, and has gotten the job done for us. I would recommend it to anyone who wants the look for less! 


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