Make your own floor pouf!

February 06, 2014

I love floor poufs.

There, I said it.

They are cute and practical and just such a fun way to bring some pattern and color into a room. They are also expensive! If you have no idea what I'm talking are some adorable poufs:

Cute, right? I really wanted one to put in front of our glider in the nursery, but could not justify spending $100 or more on one. I didn't really want to add another DIY to my list, but DID want to choose my own fabric and save DIY it is.

I found a lot of blogs that raved about the Better Homes and Garden's pouf tutorial. They also said it wasn't too hard and I found that to be very true. In fact, I think pretty much anyone could tackle this tutorial and be just fine. It only took me a few hours and I was so pleased with how it turned out! 

I bought two coordinating fabrics from Hawthorn Threads, one yard of each for about $20 total. One of my fabrics was not cut very well and did not equal a whole yard, so I was a bit disappointed about that, but it was still enough to make my pouf. They have a great selection of fabric on this site and it was fun to go through and decide which ones I wanted to use. 

I didn't have enough fabric for the hexagon shape that BH&G used for the top, but just had to google how to sew it closed instead. It's not perfect, but does the job. I used a bunch of old clothes to fill it up and then bought one bag of fiberfill at Michael's for about $5 with coupon to use along the sides and the top. 

I'm tempted to make another one for the living room, but maybe use fabric that is all the same instead of alternating panels. If you've been tempted to buy a pouf, but can't afford the price, MAKE ONE! If I can do it, you can. Mine cost about $25, but you could definitely do it cheaper if you get a great price on fabric. 

Best of all, it covers the ugly glider base of my chair quite nicely :)


  1. Looks great! I want to do some for my classroom.

    1. Go for it! Surprisingly easy and cute.



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