Abel's Nursery Reveal

April 19, 2016

I wanted to wait and post Abel's nursery when I finished decorating and styling it, but let's be honest, it could be a long time before that happens! #momlife. I figured I would just go ahead and show you how it looks now.

Way back in August I shared the mood boards for both a boy and girl nursery before we knew the gender of our precious boy. Here is what I created back then:

We started by painting the walls from an ugly brown (sorry for the fans of brown paint), to a rich navy blue. I seem to have misplaced the paint we used so I can't share the exact color. FAIL. 

Holy hole filling batman!

I kind of freaked out when the color first when on. It looked sooooo dark. Every other color in our house is light and bright, so this was totally out of my comfort zone. It is such a fun, masculine design though, so I just powered on. 

I had seen a photo of herringbone shutters and thought they would look so cool flanking the windows in this room...on the inside. Why not? Something that cool should be indoors where you can look at them everyday. All I had was a photo and a dream....and a handy husband. I literally showed him the photo and helped scour Craigslist for free pallets and he did ALL the work. Superman. They took him awhile to finish because he worked on them little by little (not to mention had to figure out HOW to do it), but they turned out AMAZING!! They are my favorite thing in the nursery and the rest of the room design revolves around them.

We used the dresser from Haven's nursery for Abel, just made a couple tweaks. We sanded down the drawers and stained them and bought some simple ring pulls to finish it off.

dresser as it looked in Haven's room

Now in Abel's room
Clarence used some leftover pallet wood to make the two arrows above the changing table. 

I found the cute basket at a yard sale for .25 cents. It wasn't so cute when I bought it, but it had potential! It was the original brown wicker and totally stained. We taped off the bottom and painted the basket white and the bottom a simple gray. It makes a great place to put toys! 

I made a simple crib sheet and crib skirt using some fabric I bought online. The crib fabric is from Spoonflower and skirt fabric from Joann Fabrics. I spent some time on Pinterest to figure out how to make the two and am happy with how easy it ended up being! 

Crib courtesy of his older sister, complete with teeth marks
Modeling the sheet like a pro
Photo by Julia Elle Photography
I bought these cute prints off etsy and stuck them in inexpensive frames from Walmart in a wood tone to play off the shutters.

Photo by Julia Elle Photography
I saw a really cool sign selling on etsy and used it as inspiration for a sign above the crib. This is not how it really looks, but I can't share the actual item because it is a copyrighted design, so I just edited and made a different sign :)

The chair is also from Haven's room that we bought from Walmart.com in late 2013. It's held up great and we are happy with the quality and price!

This is the side of the room that has yet to be decorated. We have various ideas for this big, blank wall that I'm sure we'll complete sometime this century. 

Here are a few final shots of the room. Rug can be found here and is SO soft!

It's a fun room that Abel can easily grow into. I hope he ends up loving it as much as we do!

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