Arden's Nursery Reveal

May 08, 2019

Have you seen this meme? It's one of my husband's favorites.

As much as it makes me laugh, and is so true in regards to various situations with multiple children, it's not true for nurseries in our house. I just can't help myself, I love decorating for each new baby's room.

We decided to move Abel and Haven in together temporarily and let Arden have Abel's room during her baby/waking in the night months. We wanted to spend as little as possible switching the boy room into a girl room so I needed to be a little creative. We decided to keep the walls navy blue and I found a beautiful floral wallpaper from Spoonflower that had navy it in. That was our only splurge in the room and we just applied it to one wall. 

This was our first time working with wallpaper and it was a bit of a challenge. Mostly dealing with the window. You were not supposed to trim it until it was applied, but the paper was thick, so getting it to lay flat around the window without trimming it was next to impossible. It is definitely not perfect, but thankfully the pattern is busy enough that it covers our mistakes. #smallvictories

We were able to reuse multiple items in the room. The glider we bought from Walmart before Haven was born, so we've definitely gotten our money worth out of it! The small pink side table was in Haven's room, but is a better fit in here for now. We are also reusing the crib and it has held up well since we bought it for Haven's nursery more than 5 years ago. We bought the rug from Rugs USA back when we were decorating for Abel's room, so that was another reuse. 

The curtains we bought from Walmart and I love the ruffle that adds a sweet feminine detail. The drum light I found on Facebook marketplace for $25! It is Pillowfort from Target and never used. It goes perfectly in here! I was so glad to finally get rid of the ugly ceiling fan that was there. Sayonara! 

The framed art was also pulled out of Haven's room and was a serendipitous match to the wallpaper! There are various Bible verses that I love to display to remind my little ones who God says they are. 

I found the lamp base at the thrift store, and grabbed an inexpensive frame from Target to finish it off. 

I also decided to reuse the crib skirt I made for Abel. Waste not, want not :)

I had my heart set on buying her a name sign to hang above the crib where the name is cut out of wood and has a 3D effect to it, but after seeing the cost, I decided to make something myself. It doesn't have the 3D effect, but we saved a bunch of $$! We bought a large, raw wood round from Home Depot for $11, painted it white, and then added the name with help from my Silhouette. All in, it probably cost me around $15...instead of $100 plus. I was also able to add her Chinese name on the sign which is an added bonus. Don't mind the anchor holes we have yet to fill in from the sign that we hung there for Abel...

The book ledges were also a "reuse". Clarence made them for Haven's nursery and they've actually been in a closet for years since we moved to South Carolina. They are perfect in this space and I hope it will instill a love for reading in her. The little floor pouf I made for Haven's nursery. I actually haven't resewn the top closed...I should prob get on that. The little laundry hamper is from Aldi. 

The dresser was given (!) to me by a friend who didn't need it anymore. We painted the drawer fronts pink ombre colors for Haven's nursery (you can go back and find that reveal to see how it looked). When we were expecting Abel, we sanded them down and stained them and bought new hardware. We decided to just keep it the same for Arden's room. Why make more work for us then we need to? The mirror above the dresser is from Target, as are the two little planters. Dollar Spot FTW! The alphabet art was also pulled over from Haven's room.

That's it! I'm really happy with how it turned out with just a little money spent. Clarence also built a closet organizer with a center tower and we were able to put a strip of leftover wallpaper in the back for a fun pop of color. We will probably move the two girls in here when Arden is bigger so we can enjoy the beautiful wallpaper for longer.

Now on to the next room! (Don't tell Clarence)

Wallpaper: Spoonflower 
Curtains: Walmart (now on sale for $10!!!)
Pom pom pillow cover: Amazon
Pink polka dot crib sheet: Crate & Barrel (no longer for sale)
Round mirror: Target (was $39.99 when we bought it)
Drumshade: FB marketplace (similar)

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