Nursery Reveal!

March 15, 2014

You may be sick of posts about the nursery but have no fear, this is the last post! Putting together the nursery was a labor of love for me. Much like our wedding, a big portion of it was DIY. Not just because we are cheap, not rich, and didn't want to spend a bunch of money, but because I enjoy being crafty and coming up with cheaper ways to fulfill my vision.

I blogged about the $20 ruffle curtains here, the DIY floor pouf here, and the chair here. The rug is from RUGS USA and we waited until it was 70% off to purchase it. I made the throw pillow using some leftover fabric and a simple envelope pillow tutorial. 

The wall color is matched to Sea Salt by Benjamin Moore cut in half with white because the room gets so little light, I wanted to make the color just a bit lighter. It's the perfect light shade of green!

The chalkboard art was reused from a craft I did for our wedding. I decided to repaint the frame for the room and then drew the Bible verse myself. I hope it serves as a reminder of Who she belongs to and how precious she is!

The laundry basket was about $12 at Walmart. I can't resist a good chevron!

The cute coral side table I got from a local blogger for $30 when she was cleaning some stuff out. The color was perfect for the room!

I made the fabric covered embroidery hoops, but am not totally happy with how they fill the space, so I am figuring out how to switch it out.

Clarence made the picture ledge shelves. I wanted some that were the same width as the IKEA shelving unit below and none of the ones we found online were the right length. Plus, we found out that they are ridiculously simple to make and cheap. I think it was only like $12 to make both of these shelves. Plus it gave Clarence an excuse to use power tools :) This is the tutorial he used. 

None of the shelves are properly staged, but I'll get around to that eventually. Having a newborn keeps you kind of busy with other more important things :) I did make the alphabet printable in the frame. I saw one online and used Swift Publisher that I already had on my computer to make a similar version. We printed it for less than a dollar and stuck it in a Walmart frame. 

The mobile was made from leftover wedding things. We had some ruffle wreaths I made to hang on the church door and I used the base of that for the top of the mobile. I just wrapped it in leftover white yarn and hung it using the same yarn and a random keychain loop. I made a lot of the tissue paper pom poms for the wedding and had a ton of tissue paper leftover, so I decided to make small ones and hang them at different lengths to make a simple and pretty mobile. I'm really happy with how it turned out.

The fabric pennant banner over the crib was also leftover from our wedding. I had made a few to hang at the reception venue and since the colors were similar, I decided to hang it and bring some visual interest to that wall.

The letters are from Craft Cuts and we bought the unfinished MDF and then painted them ourselves to save a bit of money.

We bought the crib from Walmart. We actually had a crib given to us and I spent hours painting it from the cherry wood it was to an off white. Then when we were done and I was googling assembly instructions, I found out that it was recalled. Though we could've received new pieces for free, I would've had to paint those too and I was just not willing to spend more hours doing that. I'm happy with the price though and it fulfilled my desire for an off-white crib.

Crib sheet ($19!) found here. The crib skirt is the most redneck thing you could imagine! I literally bought the fabric, cut three pieces to fit the front and two sides, used heat bond hem tape, and then pinned them to the frame under the mattress. But, hey, it does the job.

You can read more about the dresser makeover here. The DIY art over the the changing dresser is here. The adorable door hanger with Haven's name was made by my best friend Amy for my baby shower. I absolutely love it!

So there you have it! Overall, I'm happy with how it turned out. The wall opposite the changing table is still a work in progress in my eyes, but I'm sure I'll figure out what it's missing at some point.

It was fun to have Haven's newborn photos taken almost exclusively in her room and showcased all the details perfectly! Welcome home, baby girl!


  1. Beautiful! Can I ask , what is the paint color on the walls?

    ~ Nicole from

    1. Hey Nicole, it's Sea Salt by Benjamin Moore, cut in half with white.

    2. Thanks so much! And I apologize --- I just saw where you mentioned this in your post. For some reason I missed it the first read around. Does cutting a color in half keep the same exact color, but just a tad lighter? I've never done that before, but it's an interesting idea!

    3. It's no problem :) Yeah, I first heard of cutting a color in half on another blog. I knew that room got very little sunlight so I thought it might be a good idea. Yes, you're right, it is the same color, just lighter. I actually got a sample of both the original and the lighter one and tested them out in the room before deciding. Hope you love the color as much as I do!

  2. I love the letters above the crib. What size, font and thickness did you choose? The whole nursery is very pretty!

    1. Thanks! We got the 8 inch letters, 1/4 inch thick, in the Century Gothic font.



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