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September 24, 2015

I'm cheap.

I know that's not usually something you brag about, but since being married to an Asian, I've embraced the notion of being a bit of a penny pincher. Now, my husband would probably disagree with that title at all applying to me, but I'm the one writing this blog so...HA!

There are so many beautiful things I would like for my home, but I'm just too cheap to buy them. I'll DIY them or search the web for an alternative. Example: many of the things in Haven's nursery.

Well, I've been searching for some matching curtains to go in the living room and dining room which are open concept. The ones we had in our previous home are now too short. That's not a fun problem to have because curtains are not cheap! Now, while we've jumped on the IKEA bandwagon for some of the curtains in our house, I wanted to subtle gray print for these two rooms. One I loved? The West Elm Ikat Ogee Curtain.

Ikat Ogee Linen Curtain - Ivory/Platinum

But hi, I'm not spending $71 (on sale) for ONE panel. Just not happening. But while searching for a more affordable option, I came across this jewel...

Better Homes and Gardens Ikat Diamonds Curtain Panel with Grommets 

Thank you! And at $15 a panel, I am sold! They just came today and at first glance, I'm really impressed! 

I'll let you know once we have them hung (probably tonight, let's be honest...I'm impatient) how we like them, but for that price...I doubt I'll complain. So if you're cheap like me (it's proud!) there is your public service announcement for today!

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