Weekly Meal Plan for 4/16/18

April 16, 2018

Happy Monday! I wanted to hop on and share our meal plan for this week. I'm glad to hear this is helpful for people! And I love to hear your recipes so keep leaving those in the comments!

Monday: Date Night! This means the kids get the leftover chicken nuggets in the freezer, a box of mac and cheese in the cabinet, and the leftover zucchini from a few days ago. Total for this meal: $0

Tuesday: Breakfast for Dinner. Sausage and Egg Skillet, Biscuits, and fruit. Total for this meal: $4.00
No real recipe for this. Brown a pound of breakfast sausage and drain the grease. Then add in however many eggs you'd like and scramble in the pan with the sausage. Salt and pepper to taste.
Wednesday: Out. This is the night for the evening Seacoast group I lead, so we'll grab something quick and eat before we set up the room.

Thursday: Foil Pack Chicken and Broccoli with rice. Total for this meal: $5.64
This total is not exact, because I know I won't use all of the ingredients I bought for this dish. I found a 5 1/2 pound package of chicken breasts with a $2 off sticker, so picked those up and I'm sure they will stretch to multiple meals. 
I usually omit the stuffing mix in this recipe. I also bought bacon pieces in a bag instead of cooking bacon.
FridaySpicy Sausage Pasta with peas. Total for this meal: $4.17
This meal is delicious! You could used diced tomatoes instead of rotel if you want to cut out the spicy part of it. We have pasta in the cabinet I'll use. 
Saturday Lunch: Leftovers

Saturday Dinner: A friend is having a BBQ at her house that we'll be going to

Sunday Lunch: Honey Garlic Ginger Chicken Carrot Noodles Bowls. Total for this meal: $3.60
I already have carrots and many of the pantry staples, so didn't have to buy too much for this recipe
Sunday Dinner: Small Group

Total at the store this week: $55.47 

Also bought: pancake mix, hot dogs, fruit bowls, fruit pouches, kefir, milk, yogurts, ranch dressing, muffins, string cheese, veggie straws, popcorn, bananas, cantaloupe, puffs, grapes, and goldfish.

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