Weekly Meal Plan for 4/9/18

April 08, 2018

Tomorrow morning we have MOPS, and it's hard to get to the store on those days, so I decided to do Walmart Grocery Pick Up again and just grab it on the way home from our MOPS meeting. I had a $5 credit from something they messed up last time, which I was happy to use! So here is our meal plan this week:

Monday: Rotisserie Chicken, potatoes, frozen veggies. Total for meal $4.23
Unfortunately you can't buy the cooked rotisserie chickens through the Walmart Grocery app (boo), so I bought a raw chicken and will cook it, seasoned, in the crock pot. I have a couple potatoes leftover from last week I'll throw in with it and will just heat up a bag of frozen veggies as well. I'll use the leftover shredded chicken for two other meals this week, so split the cost between them.
Tuesday: Ground Turkey Sweet Potato Skillet with Zucchini. Total for meal $4.94
I'll save half of the sweet potatoes and use them early next week. Using mozzarella from last week.
WednesdayGarlic Ranch Chicken Pizza and salad. Total for meal $7.41
We love this pizza! It's delicious! I already have mozzarella and everything I need to make the sauce. 
ThursdayBacon Avocado Grilled Cheese and french fries. Total for meal $2.18
Still eating that huge bag of fries they upgraded us to on my last Walmart Grocery run. Already have bread and cheese for this dish.
Friday: Out
A singing group I was in while in college is having their 40th reunion event tonight, so we will go to that at my alma mater, North Greenville University. 
Saturday Lunch: We will be at the Greenville Zoo this morning helping man a table for the Chinese immersion school the kids will be going to, so we will either pack a lunch or grab something from the concession stand.

Saturday Dinner: Chicken Spinach Bake with Garlic Bread. Total for meal $5.78
3 chicken breasts cooked and cut into pieces (will use the rest of the rotisserie chicken)
8 oz penne pasta
8 oz chive and onion cream cheese
Frozen spinach (as much as you would like, thawed and drained well)
15 oz can of Italian Style tomatoes (basil, oregano, and garlic, I believe)
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
mozzarella cheese

Preheat oven to 350. Cook noodles and chicken. Mix together, pasta, chicken, spinach, cream cheese, tomatoes, salt, and pepper. Top with cheese and bake for about 30 minutes.
Sunday Lunch: Leftovers from last night

Sunday Dinner: We have tickets to the Greenville Drive (local baseball team), so will eat dinner there or on the way home.

Total at the store: $35.98

Also bought: 2 kefirs, milk, muffins, tea, sugar, doritos (cause sometimes you just have a craving)

Lower total this week, but we will also have to eat out three times. We do have an eat out budget each month that we use, so it shouldn't affect our grocery budget, but it may be higher another week so it should balance out.


  1. I always get hungry reading your post! And I forget about pizza! I’m going back to make changes to our meal plan right now! We are eating a lot of chicken this week after it was on sale.

    1. What meals do you have down this week?

    2. M: Risotto with roasted veggies (I will probably make so shrimp for the hubby or throw in chicken)
      T: cheese stuffed chicken breasts with red potatoes
      W: chicken tacos with black beans and corn
      Th: chicken breasts with sriracha sweet potatoes (I’ll make rice and whatever veggies I still have on hand (for those burnt out on chicken!)
      F: I just changed this to pizza! I’m not sure what exactly. Maybe bbq chicken or ranch chicken. I’m so excited about the link you posted!
      The weekend I’m a sucker for eating out! We need more restaurants to try! But I get lazy and just go to the same.



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