Here we go!

June 01, 2013

Welcome to our new blog!

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It's been awhile since I first started blogging years ago on xanga...anybody else remember when that was the place to blog? Did I just completely show my age? Yeah well I played Atari too, so there.

Anyway, all that was way before I met and married my awesome husband, Clarence. Now that we are starting fresh with a move to the US, we're making a fresh start in the blog-world as well. I plan (and hopefully will accomplish my goal) to share some things that I love. Basically the things listed in the menu bar above. Though this first post starts off the "family" portion, I hope to be posting about much more cute (and likely barf-inducing) things like....half-asian babies! And no we're not pregnant yet.  We are just praying our kids won't end up looking like this composite of our two faces. Otherwise, I don't think reproducing would be the right thing to do to the world.

Well, what better way to end our first post than with something that will give you nightmares? But please do come back. I promise every post won't be as horrifying.


  1. Hahaha! I love that composite. Don't worry, even if your child does turn out that way, you guys are sure to love him/her past the exterior. I hope you guys are settling in to the States well (especially Clarence). Praying for you guys!!

    1. Thanks! We are enjoying settling in a new place and appreciate your prayers! I'm sure we'll love our child no matter what too, but for her sake, I hope she doesn't have Clarence's mustache :)

    2. Did you guys buy a place or are you renting?? That's so great!

    3. We are with my parents for now which is a great blessing until we find jobs.



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