Practice Round

June 05, 2013

It is no surprise to our friends and family that I want a baby. Clarence probably hears about this at least once a day. While he also is excited for us to start a family, he's not quite as psychotic about it as I am.

This past weekend I decided to give him a little practice in being a daddy. We kept my nephews Gavin and Caiden at our house. It was so sweet to watch Clarence play with them and talk to them. To be honest, it did nothing but make my womb jump even more. Poor guy doesn't stand a chance. Even now he sleeps blissfully unaware beside me. But really, how can you resist hilarious cuteness like this?

I mean who doesn't want to wear a bumbo as a hat?

One afternoon we had laid Caiden down for his nap and a few minutes later he was calling out my name. Clarence went up to check on him and never returned. After a short while, I went upstairs to try to find out where he went. I checked in our room. Not there. Bathroom? Nope. Then I go in the room where Caiden is supposed to be napping. He'd used his sly toddler ways on my unsuspecting husband...he pulled the old "I can't sleep, will you lay in the other bed?" routine. And my sweet, unaccustomed husband fell for it. Still, by the end of the weekend we had a lot of fun and I was so proud of Clarence. Have I mentioned I have the best one? Well I do. I'm looking forward to seeing if he handles baby poop explosions with as much grace. I'll refrain from posting pictures of that.

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