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June 10, 2013

Hi, I'm Rachel and I'm obsessed with HGTV.

Ok, I feel better now. The first step is admittance.

One thing I am really looking forward to now that we're back in the US is becoming home owners. That may not happen right away, but I'm so excited to have our own place that we can work on together and make our own!

For fun, Clarence and I will occasionally get on or and search for homes that we would buy as if we were on House Hunters on HGTV (though I wouldn't make such a big freaking deal about double sinks in the master bath...or a lot of other things selfish Americans seem to complain about on that show!)

If I could pick a dream house it would definitely be a craftsman style home like this:

My dream craftsman would be more of a sweet, cozy bungalow with beautiful built-ins, a porch swing, beautiful detailing, etc. One day. And ideally it would be kind of a fixer-upper. Clarence and I both hope to buy a house that needs a bit of work. Not a total gut-job (we are amateurs here), but something we could put our own style into. A little sweat equity. When we house-hunt, we are always looking for the potential. We also don't want one of those new builds in an area where all the trees have been knocked down and the houses sit on top of each other. We don't mind knowing our neighbors, but don't really want to see everything that is going on in their house. Some things are meant to be kept private, am I right?

A craftsman house on a large lot with mature trees all around...and nice sidewalks to go on family walks...and a nearby park. I'm not asking for too much am I?

What kind of house do you want?

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